L'Art du Geste ( la Chironomie de QUINTILIEN ) était , à Rome , pratiqué jusqu'à l'excès ; Il est resté une composante du mode d'expression de l'Italie .ENGLISH : In ancient Rome , the Art of Gesture ( Quintilian's chironomia ) was practiced to the extreme ; it has remained a component of the mode of expression in Italy as illustrated in this sketchbook : 270 gestures , 202 italian expressions , 579 definitions , 111 références to " LA MIMICA" by Andrea de Jorio .

8 mai 2016



A He is crafty , clever , shrewd 
E' un furbo = he's a smart one / he's smart 
B beautiful , pretty ( in all accepted senses )
C good ( tasty ) 

E' un dritto = he's a shrewd one 
A he is clever , astute
B he's not afraid
C he drives a hard bargain / he's a tough negotiator
D that's someone who knows what he's doing / knows how to handle himself  

E' uno con i baffi = that's a man with whiskers / a beard 
Same meanings as gesture A2 

Ha un culo cosi = he has an ass like this 
He is really lucky / what a lucky guy / what luck ! 

Ha un fegato cosi = he's got a liver like this 
He is brave / he's a brave man / he's got courage ( he's got balls ) 

Ne ha due cosi = he's got two like this ( he's got balls ) 
He is courageous 

Ha un paio di baffi cosi = he has a set of whiskers / a mustache like this  
He is very capable 

Uno che pensa = someone who is thinking 
A a thoughtful , intelligent person with lots of ( good ) ideas
B eureka !
C I remember
D have all his / her marbles , have a good head on his / her shoulders
E to elaborate
F unaware , brainless , idiotic , crasy ( see gesture A36 ) 

1 a livello , di classe 
Person , attitude , or object of great value , quality , or beauty  
2 il tocco finale = the final touch 
The finishing touch 
2 Repeated finger snapping
Have that " special something" 

A fineness / subtlety of a sentiment or an object
B intuition , sensation
C to have that little " something "
D to have it on the tip of the tongue
E a fine difference / separation ( in quality , time , etc ) 

1 E' una persona o una cosa pulita , di qualita = he / she is an spotless / clean individual , someone of quality 
A the person , thing , or situation is honest , pure , of value
B everything is perfectly clear ; nothing needs to be repeated ; everything is OK 
2 E' una cosa liscia = it's a smooth object / thing 
A there is nothing wrong , no problems , no difficulties , nothing in the way , no obstacles
B everything is going smoothly 

An honest , straight , exact , precise , just , accomplished / successfull , perfect person , situation , or affair 

Bella ragazza = beautiful girl 
A pretty girl , pretty woman
B symbol of feminism / feminists 

same meanings as A13A 

Tanto di cappello ! = well done ! 
A I recognize unquestionably the value of the person or the action
B I tip my hat to you
C Hats off to you ! 

A admiration , congratulations , recognition 
Bravo , brava , bravi = he , she they are good , impressive , etc
Bravissimo , bravissima , bravissimi = he , she , they are excellent , extraordinary , incredible , etc 
B idem , more personal 
Complimenti ! = my compliments ! 
C respect , consideration , esteem
D sarcasm : good job / smooth move
E to claque for 

Sexual impotence 

E' un finocchio = he's a fag / faggot , a fairy , etc 
He's a homosexual 

1 Fare la faccia lunga = have a long face 
A disappointed
B disillusioned
C sad 
2 E' una faccia di bronzo = he has a face of bronze 
He has nerve , gall , aplomb  
3 Fare il muso ( = to pout / muzzle ) 
To pout , to sulk 
4 Fare il musone ( = unlikeable / not very social or friendly person )  
To pout , to grumble , to gripe 

Fare il muso , fare il musone 
Same as A19 3 and 4 

E' un baffone = he has a big mustache 
He scoffs at ( it ) , he has no interest in it  

Ha un pelo sullo stomaco = he has a hair on his stomach 
He is unscrupulous 

Ha un doppio pelo sullo stomaco = he has a double hair on his stomach 
He has absolutely no scruples , he doesn't have a moral / scrupulous bone in him 

A He is venal , corrupt 
E' uno che mangia = he is one who eats 
B To eat well , a lot
It's good 

E' uno che mangia = he's one who eats 

He is venal , corrupt 

A beware of thieves
B He / she is a thief 

1 E' uno che mangia = he's one who eats
He is venal , corrupt 
2 E' un chiaccherone = he talks a lot / he's a real talker
A He talks a lot , too much
B this talk / speech is boring / uninteresting 

E' un chiaccherone = he talks a lot / he's a real talker
A He talks a lot , too much
B There is a difference between what he says and what he does 

1 Occhio ! = Watch out ! / Look out ! / Watch it ! / Watch ! / Look ! 
A To look , to pay attention , to be attentive or prepared , etc
B Be careful / pay attention / watch out / there's something shady going on
C I'm not a fool / I'm not such an easy mark 
D Who do you think you're fooling ? What do you think ( sarcastic ) ? 
2 E' un imbroglione = he's wily / crafty 
A crafty / a trickster / a bluffer
B cheater
C swindler / con artist / thief 

Dare sul naso = to tap the nose 
A be wary of someone or something
B of doubtful morality or quality
C shady / suspect person or situation 

1 The fist or fists ( or the palm of the hand ) strike the forehead
1 E' testardo  
He is stubborn 
E' duro = he is hard ( a hard sell ) 
He is difficult to convince 
2 The fist strikes a hard surface ( table , wall , etc )
Ha la testa cosi = he has a head like this 
Ha la testa dura = he has a hard head 
He is stubborn , obstinate , narrow - minded 

Ha una cannetta di vetro = he has a fine / thin glass cane 
A He is lazy
B He is apathetic / sluggish 

1 E' fesso = he's an idiot 
A He's stupid , an imbecile
B That's idiotic , that's stupid 
2 Non sono mica fesso = I'm not an idiot 
A I'm not an idiot , I'm not stupid
B Don't take us for imbeciles ! 

Scemo = idiot 

A You're an idiot , stupid , imbecile
B That's stupid , idiotic
C I hope you're kidding / joking
D Do you realize what you're saying ? 

1 Scemo = idiot 

A He's an idiot
B That's idiotic 
2 Pazzo  = crazy
A He'scrazy
B That's crazy 

E'pazzo = he's crazy 
A He's crazy , reckless
B That's crazy / foolish / reckless  

Cosa ti scatta in mente ? = What are you thinking ? What's going on in your head ? 
A What's gotten into you ? Where's your head ?
B Do you realize what you're saying ?
C You're crazy ! I must be crazy !  

Ha la puzza sotto il naso = He has the stink under his nose
A He is a snob
B He is pretentious 

Fa il bauscia = He's a braggart
He's a show-off 



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